Tayo the Little Bus  (Season 2)

Tayo the Little Bus (Season 2)

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Tayo the Little Bus  (Season 2)
  • Tayo the Little Bus S2 EP24 - Nana's Invitation

    The little buses and Hana are invited to the countryside by Nana. There they meet new friends Ractor, Champ, and Coco. Everyone is having a good time except Nana's childhood friend Coco who's upset that Nana seems to be praising Tayo all the time.
    Tayo and the other buses agree to help Ractor w...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S2 EP25 - Tayo's First Snow Day

    On a cold winter day, the little buses are excited because they hear there's going to be snow, while Hana and Cito are worried about safety on the snowy roads. Hana and Cito earnestly tell the others that if it snows, they must come back to the garage and gear up with safety equipment. The next m...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S2 EP26 - Hana's Special Day

    Hana, who's been working busily since the morning, finds out that she's all out of maintenance supplies. She looks for the little buses to buy the supplies, but for some reason, she can't find them anywhere. Hana is stumped because there are no cars she can ride out with.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S2 Ending Credit