Tayo the Little Bus (Season 3)

Tayo the Little Bus (Season 3)

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Tayo the Little Bus (Season 3)
  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP1 - The New Friend, Heart

    A new friend has come to the town and her name is Heart! Do you think Heart can get along well with Tayo and his friends?

    Heart is a young girl car and she is only recently licensed. Just like any other cars new to the town, she has to go to the Auto Show to find her new family. But because o...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP2 - We are a Family

    Ever since Heart has become family with Tayo and his friends, Lani feels a little left out. One day, Heart receives a pretty siren as a gift from Hanna. Lani gets even more upset as Heart gets all the attention in the town. That evening, Heart's siren disappears! Where is it? All the little buses...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP3 - Rogi the Sweeper

    Uh-oh! Rubbi's vacuum pump breaks down while sweeping up the junk that Rogi has collected. With the broken vacuum pump, Rubbi can not get his job done! Rogi, feeling responsible for the accident, is given the task to take over Rubbi's job until the pump is fixed. Rubbi goes on to enjoy his first ...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP4 - I Know it all

    I am not a kid anymore! Tayo feels Hanna is too overprotective of him when he is all grown up and does not need her guidance anymore. Do you think Tayo is right? Let's find out!

    Tayo believes that he is familiar with his daily routine and that there is nothing to worry about as he is all grow...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP5 - A School Day

    Yippeeeeee! It's the first day of school for Tayo and his friends! Will they behave well and make new friends?

    Tayo and the little buses are all geared up for their first day of school. On the driveway, Tayo runs into Teach who has just moved to the town. He finds out that Teach will be going...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP6 - Cheer up, Frank

    Jun loves fire trucks! As Gani finds out that Jun loves fire trucks, Gani takes him to Frank the fire truck. Jun is amazed at what Frank can do, especially when he puts out those dangerous fires! Frank is called that there is a fire on top of a skyscraper and he immediately heads out to do his job.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP7 - A weekend with Cito

    The little buses are upset of not being able to share any interesting stories to the class when everyone else shares stories of their fun weekend. Tayo and his friends ask Cito to take them somewhere fun for the weekend. Cito, who hasn't been able to spend much time with them, decides to take the...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP8 - Tayo's promise

    Tayo breaks his promise to hang out with Duri. He feels sorry and makes another promise to Duri that he will let him ride with Frank or Pat. However, his promises constantly fall through due to unexpected incidents

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP9 - Gani the superstar

    On his way to the city center, Leo gets stuck to the railroad and Gani saves him! Gani gains fame as a brave bus that saved a superstar and even gets a personal manager for himself. But alternating between his work as a city bus and other press schedules constantly tires Gani.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP10 - Toto and Bongbong

    Bongbong rides on Toto's tow hook for fun and oh no, Bongbong gets stuck to Toto as the pintle breaks. Toto, already late for school, has no other choice but to take Bongbong along with him. Nevertheless, Toto contstantly gets into troubles because of Bongbong.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP11 - Laugh, Pat !

    Pat always look around to make sure that all cars on the road are following the traffic rules and are driving safely. Well only to make sure everyone is safe! However, being the strict police car, the little buses and kindergarteners get more and more scared of Pat. One day, a feather gets stuck ...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP12 - We are the best with each other

    Everyone knows Speedy and Shine are best friends!
    As Shine makes new friends at school, Speedy feels a little left out. What will happen to their friendship?

    Speedy and Shine always cause troubles together. At school, Shine gets complimented along with Lani, Rubbi, and Toto. Not only are they...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP13 - Cooku & Champ's Trip to the City

    Cooku and Champ are visiting the town for the first time by themselves! Tayo and friends are excited about their visit. Do you guys think Cooku and Champ will get to the town safely? Let's find out!

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP14 - I Can't Sleep

    Lani sleeps all day on her day-off! At night, she can't sleep and ends up watching tv all night. Do you guys think she can keep herself up the next day? Let's find out together!

    On her day-off, Lani spends the whole day taking a nap and can't sleep anymore. Instead, she watches tv all night. N...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP15 - I want to be your Friend

    Speed meets Heart for the first time and he wants to be her friend too! Vroom, vroom! Speed and Shine are playing tag in the garage. Driving too fast, Speed's tires go flat. Heart and Hanna come to help Speed. Speed instantly gets attracted to Heart, the pretty and kind pink car. He plans to beco...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP16 - City heroes, Tayo and Duri

    Tayo and Duri are watching a superhero movie on TV show and they are blown away by what super heroes can do. Tayo and Duri coincidentally help a friend and told that they are just like super heroes and the two are delighted! The next day, Tayo and Duri dress up just like the super heroes from the...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP17 - We are the heavy-duty circus

    Joy the magician is having a "Joy's Magic Circus Show" with the world-renowned circus cars but it looks like the circus master can't make to the show anymore. Poco, Billy, Max and Chris are bored of their daily routine of work at the construction site.
    During a short break after work, they perf...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP18 - The best mechanic

    Have you guys ever wondered how Hana get to work with Tayo and his friends? One of Tayo's handles got broken and Hanna replaced with a donut?Back in garage, Citu tells Tayo how he first met Hanna and how she became a mechanic.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP19 - I want a puppy

    Tayo and his friends want a puppy in the garage but Hanna says that it is too dangerous. What will Tayo and his friends do? Let's find out! Tayo finds a lost puppy.
    Despite Hana's warning that he shouldn't keep a puppy in the garage since it is too dangerous, Tayo can't let go of the cute puppy...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP20 - Ask Met anything

    Tayo and his friends say that Rogi can be silly sometimes. Rogi goes to Met to ask for help because Met knows everything! Do you guys think that Met knows everything?
    Let's find out! Rogi is made fun of at school because he gets the questions wrong and takes wrong roads to ride on. He goes to M...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP21 - Poco's Flower

    Poco receives a flower seed as a gift from a girl that he helped. He does not take the tiny seed seriously at first but soon gets amazed of the growing sprout and becomes very fond of it.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP22 - Tayo's Christmas

    Jingle bells, jingle bells! It's Christmas time! Santa Claus is coming to town and he knows when you've been bad or good! Tayo is extremely excited for Christmas and especially for all those presents! Has Tayo been a good boy this year? What about you guys? Will Tayo get a Christmas present from ...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP23 - Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1

    Bully, the space pirate mistakes Hana for Princess Ray and comes to Earth and kidnaps Hanna instead. It looks like Bully and the gang has made a huge mess on Earth! The little buses all gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go on to rescue Hanna...

    Let's go follow the adventure of Tayo an...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S3 EP24 - Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2

    Where's Hanna? And where's Princess Ray? It looks like space pirate Bully is still confused who is Hanna and Princess Ray. The little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go on to rescue Hanna. Meanwhile, Hanna fixes Wooly and discovers his warm-hearted nature unlike his father, Bully.