Tayo the Little Bus (Season5)

Tayo the Little Bus (Season5)

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Tayo the Little Bus (Season5)
  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP1 - Emergency dispatch! Tayo and Gani

    Emergency Center has been developed few years now and there are episodes that rescue team vehicles went down to help and save others.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP2 - Rogi's extraordinary challenge

    Rogi's silly side that we all know went funny this time! Rogi decides that he wants to be on TV with extraordinary challenge. He tries to take the most passengers on his bus, try not to take a shower for the longest days and so on. What's his next extraordinary challenge? We're ready to take it w...

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP3 - The cello's owner

    Peanut gets to take passenger Hans, who's the cellist. Hans accidentally forgets his cello in Peanut's bus so Peanut tries to find Hans to give his cello back. But, what's Hans is afraid of?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP4 - A fantastic pair

    Speedy and Shine are the best friends in town. As they promised to stick together, Shine tries to become a model and goes to try the contest. The good news is the winner gets to go to abroad and be a vehicle model. But Speedy gets sad that Shine might go abroad.. Will a fantastic pair together?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP5 - Tayo and Titipo's Race

    Who do you think faster? Buese or trains? Kindergarten friends want to know who's faster on the road. Titipo or Tayo? Tayo or Titipo?
    Let's vote - click on the top right and vote who do you think faster!
    Trains? Buses?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP6 - New rescuer, Jay

    A new rescuer Jay just joined the Emergency Center! Welcome Jay! As Lani tries to become the best friend of Jay, it sounds like Jay always tells Lani not to do things Lani wants to do.
    Will they become good friends together?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP7 - Tayo's bird friend

    Tayo has many many friends but, a bird friend? A bird builds a next on top of Tayo's bus and Tayo has been frustrated since he can't do anything because of the bird. Whats is Tayo going to do?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP8 - Kinder' Visit to the Farm

    Duri and his kindergarten friends going to the farm with Kinder. As Kinder tried to help other friends, especially Duri, it doesn't go away the Kinder thinks. What is exactly Kinder doing at the farm?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP9 - The Secret Playground

    Do you guys remember the playground that Citu build for the little buses? Well, it looks like the rain destroyed the playground. Then, where are the little buses going to play?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP10 - Surprise gift for Duri

    As Duri's birthday approaches, Tayo volunteers help Duri's dad to pick Duri's birthday present. What it will be?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP11 - You can do it , Tony!

    As Tony, who is an un-official rapper of the bus town, he wants to perform in front of other buses. But it looks like he struggles.

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP12 - Heart's Secret

    Tayo pink car - Heart is back! As she doesn't like Rogi collects everything he sees on the street, she finds one thing that she likes. What it would be?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP13 - Joy's Magic Show

    Who's the magicians in town? There's Asura and Joey! He used to be very famous but it sounded like he's having a boring day. What's happening to Joey the Magician?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP14 - Thanks, Gani!

    As Gani always helps out other friends, sometimes he misses his chances to do something, such as taking a shower or going to see a movie!
    Rogi suggests Gani that he should think of him first. What do you think?

  • Tayo the Little Bus S5 EP15 - The Little Buses Go To America Part 1

    Little buses go to America! Tayo won from the contest and the prize was trip to America! What adventure is waiting for them?